About Us

PPM Advisors assists private companies (Issuers) with the formation of Regulation D, Rule 506 exempt offerings allowing Issuers to raise as much capital as they desire from up to 2,000 accredited investors without any disclosure requirements whatsoever. Registration of your offering is not legally required by the SEC; and once the SEC changes the laws to allow Issuers to advertise and solicit the general public, you will be able to continue using the same exempt offering through which to advertise and solicit the general public.

Our research shows that the super-majority of accredited 'retail' investors prefer TrustLINKED PPMs over any other type of PPM model used or available in the marketplace today at any time in history. The main reason for this is due to the securitization feature which prevents investors' principal from erosion, exposure, fluctuation and overall loss. The securitization feature of the TrustLINK PPM is largely a foreign concept to both unsophisticated investors and startups (or small businesses). The "engineering" that makes the feature work has been typically used and coveted by the financial elite. As a result, for the Average Joes of the world, the feature itself becomes likened to discovering a gold mine whereby everyone concerned is immensely rewarded.

What We Are Not:

PPM Advisors does not raise capital for Issuers. We do not sell securities, and we do not induce or speak with your investors. We are not attorneys. We are not brokers; and we are not financial advisors. What we do is simple: we provide certain qualified companies with a TrustLINKED PPM so they can raise private capital easier, faster and smarter.

About You

PPM Advisors works with US-based private companies. You may be a high-risk venture that cannot currently offer investors viable securitization (e.g., A-rated collateral). You seek investment of at least $1,000,000. You and your company and its management have no violations or substantial 'red flags' to speak of. You may be at the pre-revenue stage, but you have a business plan in place and some capital to launch your enterprise; and you also have an active LLC or Corporation.

What You Are Not:

You are not a public company. You are not funded by VC or other sophisticated groups (e.g., Pasadena Angels). You are not a one-person 'show' whereby you wear all the 'hats.' You are not operating from a plan written only in your mind. You are not a DBA, JV nor foreign entity; and you are not able (nor want) to provide investors with securitization (e.g., your personal collateral sufficient to at least 'match' invested principal).

About TrustLINKED PPMs

PPM Advisors provides its services exclusively around TrustLINKED PPMs. We offer no additional services. If you're looking for sales training, fundraisers or business plan writing, we do not provide these services. We suggest you retain the services of a business consultant, professional fundraiser or PPM capital expert. We do TrustLINKED PPMs.

At PPM Advisors the process is simple on our end. You provide us with certain business data about your company's history, team, product or service, marketplace and financials that you wish to have disclosed in and represented by your PPM. In other words, all relevant information you wish for investors to consider must be sent to us. Although there are no disclosure requirements for Reg. D, Rule 506 offerings, you must:

Never omit material information;
Never mislead investors.

Our team of experienced PPM developers, including securities attorneys, will integrate your business data into a TrustLINKED PPM.

What is a TrustLINKED PPM? It's a standard PPM with the following add-ons:

Securitization feature consisting of a separate Trust and certain Assets, and;
The associated benefits of the securitization structure.

For further information or to request the NDA, Contact us today.

About the JOBS Act

PPM Advisors formed itself solely to take advantage of the 2012 JOBS Act.

What the JOBS Act Will Mean:

The 2012 JOBS Act will lead to rampant fraud due to a lack of regulation and oversight. Investors will not see the "full picture" when making their allocations. For example, the online coupon company, Groupon, which went public in 2011 and had over $1 billion in revenue at the time, faced major SEC scrutiny over its accounting methods during its IPO. Groupon suffered a sizeable market capitalization reduction when going public due to reported questionable accounting methods and the loss of investor confidence. Had the JOBS Act been in effect prior to its IPO, Groupon could have gone public before it reached the $1 billion mark and not dealt with the intense scrutiny that resulted in its reduction in market capitalization. Conversely, the public investors would not have been aware of the apparent "red flags" had the reporting regulations been relaxed. This clearly exemplifies why investors and Issuers must seek out the best of the best offerings available.

For investors: you will now be exposed to deal flow. You will be shown deals that you otherwise would never have been exposed to (as it was since 1933). You will be given the opportunity to be on the ground-floor of companies years before IPOs are filed (like Peter Thiel was with TheFacebook, Inc). You will instantly become an INSIDER, and be able to choose where and how to diversify your portfolio in the same way that the world's deepest pockets have done almost exclusively since 1933. You will enjoy the great excitement of the shifting of the private market to your backyard. You will also be dog-piled with fraudulent deals and scams. This is why you must keep your eyes and ears open for TrustLINKED PPMs in order to avoid loss of your principal. For investors, now is your time.

For Issuers: you will be able to advertise your deal to the general public, at large. Your deal will be in front of millions of investors, legally. You'll have solicitation freedom for the first time since 1933. You will have the new challenge of dealing with volume - potentially turning investors away and crashing your website. You'll be able to 'toot your own horn' as loud as you wish throughout every possible and known channel across America. You will see VC and Angel groups asking for less and doing more deals with less viable startups. You will witness the entire private capital landscape shift before your eyes. You will also find yourself smack in the middle of a stadium packed with other Issuers just like you asking the same investors for their investment. The one thing, however, that will set you well apart from the other solicitors will be your TrustLINKED PPM. For Issuers, now is your time.